Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 08

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 08

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is last year's best golf game
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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is last year's best golf game. Not that there are many golf games out there, but this is certainly the best of the few that were released. Unlike other golf games, this one is a simulation experience, in that it recreates as faithfully as possible all the factors that come to play in shooting that tiny white ball. The game features the best-paid sportsman of the world, Tiger Woods. There are plenty of golf courses that you can choose to play in and several players, too. I am not a big fan of golf, especially simulation golf games. It is really hard to get used to having to take all the aforementioned factors into account before hitting a ball. You have to choose the correct club material and size, see where the wind is going, if it is raining, how far the hole is, and all that. Still, I have no doubt that a golf aficionado will love this game for all the possibilities that it brings. As in other sports games, you can play a whole season and track your player's progress.

José Fernández
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